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Hotel room massage Las Vegas – Back Pain

Hotel room massage Las Vegas is truly popular for back and neck massages. It’s so sad that one of every three clients of us have some level of permanent lower back, shoulder, and neck problems. Studies show that 90 percent of the whole population experience backache / spinal symptoms at least once or twice on their lives. Unfortunately, back pain doesn’t just affect back area, if not treated properly, it’ll travel into arms, head, eyes, groin, hip, and legs as spinal nerves carries critically important signal throughout the body. If you are one of those people who say “Oh, I’ve always had back problems, if I just endure this episode it’ll be alright for a while”. Just because everyone has backaches it doesn’t mean it’s ok to have backache! You have to do something to stop this cycle and find out what’s causing you the pain. Each time you experience back stiffness, structural damage builds up in your spine and, one day, you might find yourself on surgical table! There’s a report stating that if the herniated disc (pinched nerve in the spine) were diagnosed early, 95 percent of the patients would not have surgery.

hotel room massage las vegas

Hotel room massage Las Vegas – Back Pain

So, apparently, you have to do something about your situation. Hotel room massage Las Vegas helps to ease the pain, and strengthen and relaxes the muscles of the back and neck. Postural correction sessions are wonderful for you if you are already experiencing some asymmetry in your hips, legs, and shoulders. You need more than twenty sessions to correct this problem.

But hotel room massage Las Vegas is not efficient enough if you don’t contribute your part. Physical therapy is what you must do. It is the blending of physiology and exercises and applying them to your body when you have injury. Physical therapy for back and neck problems focuses on the structures of spine and its surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

What to do? – Hotel room massage Las Vegas

Simply put, you have to have good posture ALL DAY and NIGHT LONG.

If something is not working for your back, it’ll give a signal, the pain. Then change your posture. But most of us just ignore it to finish our papers, reports, or drive to another city, or a project, etc. First step, listen to your body!

Hotel room massage Las Vegas second step, always, ALWAYS sit straight. It’ll put the least amount of stress on your back. If you do sedentary work, here’s some extremely simple exercise for your long term well-being!

What to do? – Hotel room massage Las Vegas

  1. Arch your back 10 times (repeat 2-3 times a day MANDATORY)
  2. Roll your shoulders backwards 10 times (2-3 times a day)
  3. Squeeze your shoulder blade 10 times
  4. Look down with your chin towards your chest 10 times and stretch your neck backwards 10 times
  5. Turn your head over each shoulders 10 times
  6. Bend and stretch your back while standing 10 times
Regular stretching of spine gives you a good posture and it’s maintained with teeny tiny effort.

So, if you have back, neck, and shoulder problems, don’t just ignore it. Hotel room massage Las Vegas is here to ease the pain if you need it. But, the most important thing you have to do is to prevent it from getting worse. Take only three or four minutes and do all the six simple stretches every day. You will see a tremendous difference. For our next post, we’ll write about the postures you have to maintain when doing your daily activity. Be well!

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